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Surrogacy Laws in the United States (USA)

If you are looking for the best surrogacy agency to find that perfect and best surrogate to help start your family, then you might want to understand the laws in your state or the state in which your surrogate lives. Unfortunately, state to state, the laws regarding gestational carriers differ. Familiarize yourself with the latest legislation and you will be better equipped to help streamline your process, regardless of which American surrogacy agent you work with.

Here you may find the latest surrogacy laws. They are far more than the definition of Surrogacy. State laws are comprehensive to protect the rights of both the intended parents and the surrogate, herself. If you live in another country and are considering surrogacy in the USA, then there are even more considerations. Not just any attorney can advise you well, and so we encourage all our clients to review the laws and understand. Surrogacy Law covers cost, birth order, and a multitude of other surrogacy-related issues.

Click on your state to the gestational surrogacy laws for your area. Because surrogacy laws and surrogacy regulations change frequently, please be sure to check your specific state’s government page for the most up-to-date surrogacy legislation. Click any state, and the state laws link will be in the description.

The following representation is being used in accordance with The Fair Use Act and is not intended to be legal advice. We make no claims to the accuracy of any information provided and intend its use to be purely informational, not legal. Please consult an attorney in your state for the most up to date and accurate legislation surrounding surrogacy laws.
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