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What is the Average Cost of a Surrogate Mother?

October 25, 2019 • admin • Surrogate Mother Cost

As a national leader in matching fully-vetted surrogate mothers with parents, our cost overview ranges between $90,000 and $175,000. A surrogate mother helps a couple realize their dream of having a biologically connected baby of their own. When a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term, a fully-vetted surrogate mother can help.

Fully-Vetted Surrogate Mother

Gestational surrogacy may be achieved in a variety of IVF protocols using:
  • Intended mother’s eggs
  • Donor eggs
  • Intended father’s sperm
  • Donor sperm

Cutting-Edge IVF Protocols

Breakdown of the Cost of a Surrogate Mother

Life Insurance Policy

An insurance policy in the amount of $250,000, naming the surrogate as the insured, must be purchased. The terms and cost of the insurance policy will be quoted by New Life Insurance Agency. The surrogate will be reimbursed for this expense by the intended parents. The primary beneficiary or beneficiaries of the insurance policy will be named by the surrogate.
  • Patient, egg donor or egg donor recipient in the amount of $250,000
  • Combined total insurance for patient and egg donor in the amount of $500,000
The purpose of the insurance policy is to protect the surrogate’s health and the intended parents’ financial exposure. We highly recommend our surrogates and intended parents consider New Life Agency for information and assistance in securing a policy. New Life Agency is the only full service insurance agency specializing exclusively in Assisted Reproduction Insurance for fertility patients and Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) professionals.

Legal Costs

Only attorneys having expertise in surrogacy contract law will be retained to negotiate, draft, and finalize the necessary written agreements between the parties.
  • Surrogacy Agreement between parents and surrogate – $3,000
  • Surrogate Mother’s Agreement with agency – $1,500 – $2,500
We provide referrals to attorneys who have a reputation for being well versed in drafting and finalizing surrogacy mother contracts. These contracts will be enforceable in court. This is a very important step in the surrogacy process to ensure that both parties’ rights and responsibilities are set forth with clarity in the event a dispute arises. Check out our Surrogacy Laws by State Map to see whether or not your state is surrogacy-friendly. The first thing you should do is make sure your state’s laws supports surrogacy. The state in which your potential surrogate resides must also be surrogacy-friendly. If a contract for surrogacy is not legal in the state of residence of either party, it will not be enforced by a court should a dispute over the terms conditions arise.

Clinical Fees

Clinical fees are comprised of expected and unexpected medical expenses that could arise during a pregnancy.
  • Embryo transfer fee – $1,500
  • Invasive procedure fee – $500 (amniocentesis, D&C, CVS, other)
  • Mock or canceled cycle fee – $500
  • Selective reduction procedure fee – $1,500
  • Loss of tubes benefit – $1,200 per tube
  • Loss of uterus benefit – $2,500
These set fees help to prevent disputes over fees and benefits owed to the surrogate in the case of expected and unexpected medical expenses incurred during the surrogacy process.

Prenatal Care Costs

These costs will vary based on what the surrogate’s doctor charges for her prenatal care. The surrogate may have medical insurance that will cover prenatal care costs. If not, medical insurance coverage will be secured by the intended parents. The surrogacy agreement between the intended parents and surrogate mother will set forth the payment or reimbursement terms for prenatal care costs. For example, reimbursement of the surrogate mother’s out-of-pocket deductible and her per office visit co-deductible.

Delivery Fee

C-section deliveries are far more common than vaginal births in surrogate pregnancies. A C-section may become a very viable or necessary option for delivery – especially in the event of a twin pregnancy.
  • Fee for delivery of the baby via C-section – $2,500
The goal of a opting for a C-section is the safety and well-being of the baby and the surrogate mother.

Other expenses for a surrogate mother

Other common allowances paid by intended parents are necessary to provide as much comfort, care, and convenience to the surrogate mother during her pregnancy. The thought is to make sure the surrogate mother does not have to incur extra costs because of the pregnancy.
  • Monthly Allowance – $200 per month (typically child care/household support)
  • Maternity Clothing Allowance – $750 for singleton and $1,000 for twins paid at the 12th week of pregnancy
  • Breastmilk Pumping Fee – $250 per week plus supplies (when requested by parents post-delivery)

Affordable Surrogate Mother Agency

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