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Why 2019 is a Great Year to Have a Lucky Pig Baby

February 13, 2019 • admin • Chinese New Year 2019

Happy Chinese New Year! If you’re planning to have a baby born in 2019 – it’s your lucky year. This is the year of the Chinese Zodiac Earth Pig! The zodiac year began on February 4, 2019. Any baby born on or after this date will be a Lucky Pig Baby until January 24, 2020.

Lucky Pig Baby

The pig is not known to compete with the other animals, which is why it is the 12th and final animal in the Chinese Horoscope. Because the pig is considered to be a lucky animal, your 2019 baby is bound to have good fortune in life.

Pigs have great intelligence. Other outstanding personality traits associated with the pig include:

  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Diligence
  • Knowledgeable
  • Sociable
  • Understanding
  • Loyal
  • Hardworking
  • Popular

Chinese Horoscope

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the prediction of these great personality traits means that babies born during the year of the pig will get along with others and try to help them.

The pig child will be:

  • Gallant
  • Old fashioned
  • Obeying the code of good manners

As a parent, it will be exciting to watch a pig child grow and learn.

The pig child is inclined to

  • Aim for high goals
  • Seek high education
  • Enjoy reading
  • Have great potential to possess superior intelligence
  • Often succeed
  • Have overall good health
  • Enjoy activities and sports
  • Find joy in movement and travel

Chinese Five Elements Theory of Wisdom

The pig baby is connected with Female Water which – in the Chinese Five Elements Theory – is connected to wisdom. This helps these individuals to see obstacles and challenges from a unique perspective and a different angle from most – thus, allowing for innovative and creative thinking. There is high respect for the pig’s knowledge and good memory.

Fertility and the Lucky Pig Baby

Aside from an appetite for knowledge, the pig is a symbol of an overall abundance in:

The luck pig baby finds pleasure in all of life’s pleasures:

  • Friendship
  • Humor
  • Romance
  • Compassion
  • Optimism
  • Good food!

Wealth and the Lucky Pig Baby

Pigs also have big hearts and commonly find themselves in committed monogamous relationships in adulthood. Typically, the pig does not care much for wealth in youth, but will become interested in it later in life.

They will then work hard and be persistent in order to achieve great wealth and enjoy it in later years. Pig babies will thrive in a protected and giving environment without too many surprises or major upsets. This will offer a healthy base for the pig baby to be strategic and analytical – as their innate tendencies provide.

The Zodiac Pig Baby

The Zodiac Pig Baby will often fall into careers in the financial or business fields. These careers utilize the pig’s skills in planning, while remaining challenging and exciting. This will motivate the pig to seek a prosperous and comfortable lifestyle in old age.

2019 is the Year of the Lucky Pig Baby

2019 is a great year to have a baby and you’re bound to see great success and happiness during the lifetime of your baby. There’s still time to have a 2019 pig baby. Other good news: If you’re looking ahead – 2020 is also a great year to have a baby because it is the year of the rat!

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