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IVF Insurance

New Life Insurance Agency Policy for Protecting Surrogates

As part of the surrogacy contract, a life insurance policy naming the surrogate as the insured must be purchased. The terms and cost of the insurance policy may be quoted by New Life Insurance Agency. The purpose of the insurance policy is to protect the surrogate’s health as well as the intended parents’ financial exposure.

We highly recommend this agency to our surrogates and intended parents for securing a policy. New Life specializes in surrogacy insurance and has insured over 3,000 births worldwide paying out over $35 million in benefits to new parents. New Life is the only full-service insurance agency exclusively serving fertility patients and Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) professionals and we like that they provide benefits for both the family of the surrogate mother as well as the intended parents. Coverage is available for:

Insurance Coverage Amounts

  • Patient, egg donor or egg donor recipient in the amount of $250,000
  • Combined total insurance for patient and egg donor in the amount of $500,000

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