How To Tell Your Family You are Choosing to be a Surrogate

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Choosing to be a surrogate is one of the most generous acts a woman can do. When it’s over, you’ll have the reward and fulfillment that only comes from helping someone else to have the child they’ve been dreaming of. The process is not always easy and you’ll need the support of your family and friends throughout the process. For many, telling those same individuals that will ultimately support you throughout your pregnancy is the scariest part.

The Timing

One of the first decisions a woman has to make after choosing to be a surrogate is when to tell family and friends. It is best to have these conversations with your children once you feel confident and sure about your decision to be a surrogate. This gives the youngest individuals an opportunity to process the information prior to your pregnancy. Children often take their clues from their parents. If you present surrogacy as a normal act, they will respond in kind. For other family members, there are two different ways of conveying your choice of becoming a surrogate. One is telling them after you’ve become confident, sure and dedicated to your decision. Waiting until you are sure also means that you’re confident when you’re answering questions about your decision. The second option is to wait until you’re pregnant and then to have the conversation as it arises. You may use one method or the other, or a combination of the two depending on your existing relationships.

The Content

When speaking with adult family members, they will most likely have questions about what it means to be a gestational surrogate. It is important to be ready to answer these questions. In the beginning, your support system will likely have a number of questions about the process, about the legal implications and about your motivation. Having answers to these questions prepared in advance can make the process easier. Not everyone will be supportive right away, some individuals may never come around to the idea. This is why it is important to only have these discussions once you’re sure and confident in your decision.

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Posted on: April 12, 2016