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We are proud to offer among the highest compensation packages for surrogates in the United States. New Beginnings Surrogates will receive $35,000 – $40,000 in compensation. If you have any questions about surrogate compensation, please contact New Beginnings Surrogacy for more information.

The estimated surrogate compensation is provided below. Surrogate Benefit Package

Basic surrogate compensation (1st time surrogate) $35,000 – $40,000
Experienced Surrogate additional $5,000 for each surrogate pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy (Twins) additional $5,000 + Base Compensation
Embryo Transfer Fee $1,500
Monthly Allowance $200 per month
Maternity Clothing Allowance $750 for Single
$1000 for Twins
(Paid at 12 weeks of pregnancy)
Invasive Procedures $500
Canceled Cycle Fee
(cannot be the Surrogate’s fault)
Average C-section fee $2,500
Life Insurance Policy $250,000 value
Lost Wages/Childcare/Housekeeping (Doctor ordered bed rest) varies
Pumping Breastmilk
(if requested by Intended Parents)
$250 per week + supplies
All travel arrangements
(Flights/bus/train/hotel/car service)
Arranged by agency
(all expenses paid by Intended Parents)

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