Why Are Some Countries Banning Surrogacy?

Pregnancy and child-bearing are emotionally fraught topics. When the process takes place between two individuals privately, much is at stake. Add another individual to the mix as a surrogate carrier, the situation is exponentially complicated. Because of these tangled issues the United States is quickly becoming one of very few countries allowing surrogate pregnancies.

When Other Countries Ban Surrogacy, United States Stands Alone

On the surface, banning surrogacy seems to prevent a slew of legal, emotional, and cultural issues. However, there will always be families hoping to grow with no other options, surrogacy is then driven underground. In some countries, surrogacy is an unchecked and dangerous practice. In the United States, surrogacy is a properly regulated service.

The United States remains one of the few countries where surrogacy has not been banned entirely. Surrogacy laws vary state by state regarding types of legal surrogacy and the rights of every party involved.

Is it Exploitative?

Many countries banning surrogacy start with the belief that it takes advantage of poor, needy women.

The concept of surrogacy compensation being exploitative ignores the financial stability offered many of the surrogate mothers post-pregnancy. In some countries, a single surrogate pregnancy can provide the mother a life changing sum of money. The money given a surrogate can keep her family supported and prevent more drastic and illegal measures, such as prostitution.

The Emotional Side

The idea of financial exploitation fails to take into account the altruistic side of the practice, where fertile mothers are able to give the gift of a child to intended parents with no other choices. Those who have been mothers themselves know the joy that comes with parenthood.

Frequently there is concern that the surrogate mother will bond with the child and be unable to give it up when the baby is born. Careful screening and open discussion are key to preventing emotional difficulties such as these.

Surrogates and intended parents have the opportunity to change each other’s lives. The surrogate carrier gains financial stability and the new parents are given the child they’ve been dreaming of.

The United States- Where Questions Can Be Answered

Confronting the ethical, psychological, legal, and cultural issues surrounding surrogacy is a daunting task. Rather than tackling these problems head-on, many countries banning surrogacy believe they are preventing all problems.

The United States and their qualified surrogacy centers are equipped to handle these issues as well as ensure well being for all parties involved. In many cases, countries banning surrogacy drives the practice underground, which only complicates matters further.

Meet the Surrogacy Experts

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Posted on: April 14, 2017