5 Reasons Women Become Surrogates

NBS Blog (3)For many couples, surrogacy is final chance they have to have a child biologically related to them. The role of a surrogate is selfless and rewarding. A surrogates carries a baby to full term for those couples who have diagnosed as hopelessly infertile.

Many women consider becoming a surrogate for a variety of reasons.

Family History

In some families, being a surrogate is a tradition. Some women saw their own mothers carry babies for other couples and witnessed how this selfless act impacted everyone around them. These women see surrogacy as a way to continue the tradition of helping others.

Understanding the Fertility Struggle

Infertility is one of the most difficult and stressful things a person can go through. There are mental, emotional and physical challenges that result from infertility. After seeing a friend or family member go through the process of infertility treatments, some surrogates feel called to do more and choose to become a surrogate.

Wanting to Give Back

Being a gestational carrier is one huge way a woman can help others. Many women take pride in the ability to help another family’s dreams come true and become a surrogate to help someone else in a big way.

Helping a Friend or Family Member

Surrogacy does not always mean unknown parties prior to the surrogacy contract. Many surrogates are friends or family of the infertile couple. They choose to become a surrogate based upon their love. There are countless stories of friends, sisters, and even mothers volunteering to be surrogates.

Emotional and Financial Rewards

While the choice to become a surrogate is selfless, it is not without reward. There are both financial and emotional incentives for gestational carriers as well as medical care.

Interest for Surrogates

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Posted on: March 22, 2016