Everything You Need to Know When Using a Surrogate

NBS Blog (12)For couples who want to have a family, but are unable to conceive on their own, surrogacy is the optimum option. It’s common to have questions about the surrogacy process or to wonder what using a surrogate will be like. The information below can provide the foundation for having informed conversations about surrogacy.

Using a Surrogate

Today’s surrogate mothers are also known as gestational carriers. They are not biologically related to the baby they are carrying. Instead, these women are impregnated via IVF and selflessly carry a child to term for the intended parents. Gestational surrogates must undergo and pass an intensive screening application process to ensure they are emotionally, mentally, and physically qualified to be a gestational surrogate.

Using a Surrogate

Couples may turn to surrogacy for a number of reasons. Generally speaking, surrogacy agencies work only with those individuals who are unable to carry their own children including:

  • Medical issues that make carrying a pregnancy impossible
  • Infertility issues
  • Same sex couples

The process of using a surrogate is made easier with the assistance of a surrogacy agency. These businesses specialize in acting as a partner and go between for both the intended parents and gestational surrogate. Using a surrogate can ensure that all legal requirements are met and that financial issues are handled properly. These agencies may also help to match couples with a surrogate.

Cost of Surrogacy

The cost of surrogacy can differ based upon a number of different factors. Having medical insurance that covers the medical expenses of the surrogate can significantly reduce a couple’s out of pocket costs. Additional costs may include legal fees, living expenses, transportation costs, and the agency’s fee.

Legal Considerations

There are no federal laws that directly address surrogacy. Surrogacy laws vary from state to state. To avoid surprises during the process, it is important to understand these laws and know how they will impact your goals. Working with a highly regarded agency helps to avoid sticky legal situations and ensure your surrogacy contract  is done in accordance with the law.

Using a Surrogate

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Posted on: April 26, 2016