Can You Become a Surrogate Mother For a Family Member

new-jersey-surrogacyThere is no doubt that surrogacy is a selfless process that can vastly improve the lives of all parties involved, especially when you are intending to become a surrogate for a family member. Providing a child for your loved ones may seem like a natural thing to do, and can be done–however, there are still many factors to take into account.  

If you are planning on choosing surrogacy as a way to conceive a child, you should first find a reputable agency to work with and then discuss your plans with both the agency and the family members the child is intended for. Consider all of the following possible factors when becoming a surrogate for family members:

  • The entire surrogacy process can be costly on the whole, and financial matters within family’s can get complicated. Even if you do not want payment in the traditional sense, there are other costs that must be taken into account–things such as pre and post natal care, fertility medications or needs, as well as the delivery of the child. Discussions as to whom this financial burden will fall on must be sealed before the process even begins.
  • Again, while becoming a surrogate mother for a family member may seem like the logical thing to do, it can complicate matters significantly. Custody issues and contact with the child can very often be a large issue here: generally, the contact between surrogate mothers and the children they deliver is little to none. When providing this service for family members, this is almost impossible.
  • Although this may seem unnecessary at face value, it is still important to take all the steps you would with any other surrogacy arrangement. Get the same assessments and tests done as if you did not know each other–it is much safer to cover all the bases ahead of time, and make sure no health, fertility, or even psychological issues arise.
  • Even though you are family, use different lawyers. This takes away the possibility for a conflict of interest, and allows for every need and concern of all parties to be addressed comfortably.

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Posted on: June 10, 2014