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How to Find a World Renowned Surrogacy Agency

A world renowned surrogacy agency is one having a proven track record in locating perfect matches between Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogate Mothers. New Beginnings Surrogacy has become a world renowned agency because we expedite the gestational surrogacy process without sacrificing a personalized experience for all parties. What a World Renowned Surrogacy Agency Offers At […]

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A Guide to State Gestational Surrogacy Laws

If your fertility specialist has recommended gestational surrogacy as the best option for you to have a baby, you must know the laws in your state. This is to ensure that your rights as Intended Parents are protected throughout the entire gestational surrogacy process. The enforcement of gestational surrogacy contracts vary widely from state to […]

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Basic Facts About IVF and Gestational Surrogacy

A premier agency works seamlessly with Intended Parents, Surrogates, and fertility specialists to facilitate the entire surrogacy process as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. New Beginnings Surrogacy is world renowned for finding the perfect surrogate match for intended parents. Once the surrogate matching process has been finalized, our experts facilitate the IVF process, working in […]

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How the DASH Diet Can Enhance the Fertility of a Gestational Surrogate

A gestational surrogate’s diet before, during and after the IVF embryo transfer process is crucial to pregnancy success. The DASH Diet – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – has been ranked the Best Overall diet in a comparison study conducted by US News and World Report. The DASH Diet is supported by evidence-based fertility enhancement […]


Where Can You Find a Premier Gestational Surrogacy Agency?

A premier gestational surrogacy agency is one having a proven track record of matching intended parents with a perfect surrogate mother. At New Beginnings Surrogacy, we have become a premier gestational surrogacy agency by consistently offering an expedited matching process without sacrificing a personalized touch. Premier Gestational Surrogacy Agency When a woman is unable to […]


What is the Typical Salary Earned by a Gestational Surrogate?

A first time gestational surrogate mother can typically expect to be compensated between $30,000 and $35,000. This salary is dependent on the recipient parents’ fertility specialist’s recommended IVF protocol. Only a reputable gestational surrogacy agency offers the highest compensation packages to surrogate mothers. Gestational Surrogate Salary A premier gestational surrogacy agency facilitates the embryo transfer […]

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What are the Fundamentals of an Enforceable Surrogacy Contract?

The fundamentals of an enforceable surrogacy contract are to clearly set forth the terms and conditions surrounding the facilitation of the birth of your child through a gestational surrogate. A solid contract will secure the rights and responsibilities of all parties – before, during and after birth. To protect and preserve your rights as intended […]

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How to Find a Specialty Gestational Surrogacy Agency

Only a gestational surrogacy agency having an established track record of successfully matching intended parents with their perfect surrogate mother is considered to be specialty. At New Beginnings Surrogacy, we are internationally renowned as a specialty gestational surrogacy agency because we consistently offer an expedited matching process without sacrificing a personalized touch. Specialty Gestational Surrogacy […]

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How Sleep Improves Gestational Surrogacy Pregnancy Rates

To enhance a gestational surrogate’s chances of pregnancy, she must establish a healthy sleep pattern and get her circadian rhythm – and hormonal levels – in sync. According to fertility specialists, gestational surrogates need 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every night. Sleep deprivation adversely affects BMI, mood, and stress level. Sleep and BMI […]


Finding the Perfect Gestational Surrogate Mother Match

Finding a Gestational Surrogate Mother is not a difficult process when you seek help from a devoted and caring surrogacy agency. At New Beginnings Surrogacy, we offer a warm, inviting and enjoyable experience during every step of your journey as an Intended Parent. Perfect Surrogate Match A boutique surrogacy agency having a proven track record […]